21st Century Learners

Students at Mayoor School are exposed to a 1-1 laptop-learning environment

Education is changing in response to technology change across the world. At Mayoor we have introduced 1 laptop per child (Grade 1 onwards) and one tablet with stylus, for use with KG students. This brings in customised learning through a variety of high quality apps, which directly address students' requirements. 1-to-1 programs are also known as 'anywhere, any time learning' or 'laptops for students' programs. These programs provide students with personal portable computers to enhance opportunities for learning, by nurturing individual (1-to-1) learning experiences. This 1-to-1 program is a move towards individualising learning, which can increase independence and self-initiated learning in students, and also extends their learning beyond the classroom.

Innovation Lab

"I- Lab or Innovation Lab is a subject introduced by the school to act as an Umbrella term for the development of Decision Making, Presentation Skills, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication and Collaboration among our students. In I- Lab our schools aim to achieve digital competency and vocational skills for student's holistic development. The program's vision is to see our students with skills, aptitudes and attitudes required for success in the 21st century". Towards this vision, our students will work on projects across different technologies such as 3D,Game Dev, App Development, Robotics, AI and others in our Lab.

Aerospace Lab

In a visionary move, the school has seamlessly integrated the intricate relationship between physics, mathematics, and Aerospace Technology into its curriculum. Recognizing the pivotal role of these disciplines in understanding the complexities of aerospace engineering, the school has curated a program that not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also fosters practical applications. By bridging the gap between physics, mathematics, and aerospace technology, students are not only equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter but are also prepared for the real-world challenges that lie ahead in this dynamic field. This forward-thinking approach ensures that students not only grasp the theoretical underpinnings but also develop the problem-solving skills necessary for success in the ever-evolving realm of aerospace technology.

Library of Mayoor private school


Our Library is equipped with 9000 titles of books (fiction and non- fiction), reference books, magazines and journals all designed to supplement the curriculum. This includes the Oxford Reading Tree Program.

Oxford Reading Tree Program

To promote effortless reading in our students, reading program called OXFORD READING TREE PROGRAM is implemented. This is a systematic approach in teaching phonics, which is accepted worldwide and developed by phonics expert Debbie Hepple White.
Audio visual activities at mayoor

Audio Visual

In addition to our 1-1 laptop program, our audio visual facility includes good number of CDs to cater to requirements of various topics in most subjects across all grades.

Laboratories of Mayoor school


Well equipped and spacious labs are in place to enhance class-room learning with hands-on experiential learning viz. the Math Lab, Integrated Science Lab and Computer Lab.

Laptops and Tablet learning at mayoor private school


In addition to the tablets and laptops, all classrooms are equipped with a LCD projector and white boards; used for projecting student presentations, videos, educational CDs etc.

Mayoor clinic


The Sick Bay is well equipped to cater to first aid in the event of any injuries to students. It is manned by well-trained professional staff nurses available throughout school hours.

MPH of Mayoor school

Multi-Purpose Hall

One hall equipped to accommodate 1000+ students & teachers for comman assemblies, Trainings, Seminars, and various sports activities.

wifi enabled campus of at Mayoor school

WiFi Enabled Campus

In addition to our 1-1 laptop program, our entire campus is fully equipped with highly secure Wireless network, to support our Anytime-Anywhere Learning Program.

high definition CCTV security system at Mayoor

Safe Campus with Modern Security System

Entire campus is monitored centrally with the help of more than 100+ High definition security cameras.

swimming pool @ mayoor

Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

We have 1 Olympic size Swimming pool and 1 small pool for the beginner.
CBSE has honored Mayoor to host UAE CBSE Cluster Swimming Competitions.

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