In collaboration with Mayo College General Council
Mayoor Private School follows the Indian CBSE Curriculum enhanced with 21st Century skills based learning activities from Kindergarten onwards.
What do we believe about the English Language?
We believe that language is our major means of communicating, is fundamental to student learning and success. Instruction in the Language program includes the four communication strands of listening, speaking, writing and reading. English Grammar is also be taught which helps the children to write in a grammatically correct form.
What do we believe about Mathematics?
The Math program sets out to give students an appreciation of the beauty, power and usefulness of the subject. The study and practice of Mathematics is useful and engaging. Our beliefs described below represent the core principles on which our math curriculum is based.
  • Mathematics learning contributes significantly to the intellectual development of all students.
  • Mathematics instructions stresses the interrelationship of knowledge, skills, and concepts
What do we believe about Science?
The goal of science education at the Mayoor School is to create lifelong learners by developing critical thinking, problem solving and decisionmaking skills in a way that benefits individuals, the community and the environment.
Social Studies
What do we believe about Social Studies?
Learning in social studies helps students to undertake inquiry processes and develop research skills to make informed and reasoned decisions. The Curriculum includes strategies to incorporate the knowledge of UAE history and to honor the culture of UAE and Islam with strong commitments to local heritage of Abu Dhabi.
Second Language
What do we believe about Second Language Acquisition?
The emphasis in our second language program is on oral and written language and building an appreciation for another language and culture. Hindi is offered to students as a second language from Grade 1 onwards, French is offered from Grade 4 onwards. Any one language can be chosen to study as a second language from Grade 4.
We believe that music is a basic and artistic means of communicating. Through a balanced instructional program and a rich multicultural musical environment, students are empowered with the confidence to achieve their highest levels in musical expression.
Physical Education classes support the development of the whole child. We equip students with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to encourage lifelong healthy habits. We emphasise on the physical, emotional & social attributes of each child through structured activities.
Art & Craft
Engaging our students in multiple handson art experiences allows them to celebrate culture and develop natural talent. Collaboration with classroom teachers and integrating the units, provides them opportunities to experiment with their own creativity.
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