In collaboration with Mayo College General Council
Our buses operate for your safety and convenience. Buses will leave the school at 2:45 pm, and late buses for students in Afterschool Activities, will depart at 4.00 pm.
Please abide by general guidelines below for bus riding:
  1. The same expectations and responsibilities that apply at school apply to time spent waiting for and riding on the bus.
  2. Similarly, disciplinary concerns relating to the buses are handled as they would be, if they happened at school.
  3. Be on time for the bus.
  4. Wait at designated stops and off roadways for the bus.
  5. Board the bus by taking turns.
  6. Take a seat immediately once you have boarded the bus.
  7. Use a seat belt once seated.
  8. Be courteous at all times to the driver, bus nanny, your MPS peers and all passersby outside of the bus.
  9. When exiting the bus at your dropoff point, be safety conscious about the traffic.
  10. Before getting down from the bus, please check your belongings.
  11. If your child is not returning on the bus, for any reason, in the afternoon, it is necessary that parents send an email to
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